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Islam, Ideology and Way of Life
This book is ideal for muslims, non-muslims, converts and anyone who wants to explore Islam. This book provides all the basic information but in detail about the faith of Islam, its various forms of worship, their significance in the practical life of man and the nature and scope of the systems which it wants to establish to bring virtue, goodness and peace in the lives of people. The book consists of two volumes. The first volume covers Tawhid (Beliief in the oneness of God) and rights of Allah i.e., huquq Allah. It explains briefly the principles of Faith and various forms of ibadah (worship) and their effect on human behaviour. The second volume deals with man's rights in society vis-a-vis his fellow-beings i.e., huquq al-ibad. It describes human society as Islam wants to establish and its essential features.
Islam, Ideology and the Way of Life was originally published in 1980 with a revised second edition published by the Seerah Foundation in 1988.

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