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Quranic Sciences
This book introduces everyone to the wealth of knowledge that sprang from the teaching of the Quran and influenced human studies and culture in diverse ways that has led to scientific inventions and growth of knowledge in the Muslim world between the 7th and 14th centuries and brought about the Renaissance in Europe and introduced the Europeans to the fundamental elements (i.e. knowledge, enquiry, reason and freedom) which opened the door for modern scientific inventions.
This book establishes that Quran and science are two aspects of the same truth and there is no contradiction between them. The first revelation of the Quran inspired the Prophet of Islam to acquire knowledge and emphasised the importance of learning in human life. (96:1-5) It also advised him to pray to Allah for increase in knowledge. (20:114) According to the Quran, only men of knowledge really fear Allah most (35:28) because they observe and see Signs and Attributes of Allah both in the Qur'an and in the material universe. They reflect, think and understand the parables of the Quran and His manifestations all around them and draw right and beneficial conclusions from them. (29:43)
The Quran makes it absolutely clear that the whole material structure is full of His Signs but only men of knowledge observe them and understand them. It invites them to meditate on it (4:82) and on His creation. The Quran introduces new dimensions into the study of religion and its philosophy and seeks to bring men of knowledge (scientists) closer to Allah through the study of His Attributes and manifestations in the material world.
We hope and pray this introductory study of the Qur'an as a science will initiate and encourage investigation and research in this direction and lead to the revival of scientific knowledge as it did in the early period of the Islamic history.

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