What is Labayk?

Labayk is a social media platform that is based on
Islamic values of peace, modesty, kindness and

What will be Labayk's social impact?

Labayk aims to empower Muslims around the world by donating money to

Feed the hungry

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Treat the sick

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Clothe the destitute

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House the homeless

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Teach the poor

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What makes Labayk different?

Most social media platforms either cater for a non-Muslim audience, or they allow inappropriate content to be posted.

In addition, other platforms tend to turn a blind eye when their members continuously keep posting false comments about Islam and Muslims. Some platforms will also sell your personal data to private firms for marketing purposes and allow live-streaming of violence and suicides.

Fake news is also something that most platforms have not taken any action against.

Labayk does not agree that social media was designed for such purposes.

We believe that social media platforms should allow people to fulfil their potential, communicate with their friends and enjoy life online in a safe and non-abusive way.