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What will be Labayk’s Social Impact?
Social Impact
Social impact
What will be Labayk’s Social Impact?
Labayk aims to empower people around the world, by donating money to help feed the hungry, treat the sick, teach the poor, clothe the destitute and house the homeless.
Labayk recognises that an online marketplace’s biggest and most valuable assets are its users.
As such, Labayk will be donating ALL of its profits to worthy causes in order to help people and causes that are deserving of its support.
In particular, this will involve Labayk working with charities and NGOs that are focusing their efforts on food provision, medical care, education, clothing and housing.
Users will decide themselves which charitable projects Labayk will support by nominating a charity each time they make a purchase or sell an item.
The more people buy and sell on Labayk, the more money we can donate to charitable causes.The only way we will achieve that is by having more buyers and sellers using Labayk.
Please invite all your friends and family to sign up to Labayk.
Together we can be ‘A Force For Change’.